0 Let me introduce: DanceWrite

I’ve kicked off my own copywriting & promotional company. I’ve locked myself up for a few months, ran some tests and did some try-outs, but I’m finally proud to announce that as of February 2015, DanceWrite is officially in business!

0 Mirror

This is my dark
My blocking of light
This is my shouldn’t have
My faults and wrongs (…)

0 Seek

Nothing hurts more than the ache of not being where you want to be, missing who you’d like to see.

0 Echoes

You’re that drum in the background
That awakens now and then
You’re the echo of yesterday
Making me long for that unknown tomorrow.

0 Zij

Zij liet me zijn
Liet me voelen en zien
Tot alle helderheid uit de
horizon verdwenen was.

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