About me

I’m a dreamer, a perfectionist, a girl that loves to take care of others. I’ve always loved food, and lately grown a passion in creating it. I’ve also always loved to write things. Poems, stories and more. That’s exactly why I’ve started DanceWrite, my own company in copywriting and promotion. I’m hardly an entrepreneur, but I love to dive deep into the identity and music of artists, and write about them.

I hardly ever miss any details. I’m sensitive, follow my instincts. Some might say I’m somewhat naïve, but I’m mostly intuitive. I used to be a small-town girl wanting to live in the city, now it’s the other way around. I love music, but enjoy the silence between the notes. I can’t live without nature, the majestic mountains, ever-blossoming flowers and the many lakes, seas and streams. I don’t want to live without Michael, my loving boyfriend. One day, I want kids, and a house by the water with a big kitchen. My own holiday place in Scandinavia is also welcome. I’m a chicken in so many things, yet it’s mostly the insecurity that grabs me, not my fear. I’m a dog person, and a sucker for butterflies. I’m usually restless, except when I’m walking in the mountains, writing a new piece or baking something in my kitchen. I always try to keep everyone happy, often forgetting myself. I love to travel, but make many more miles in my head. Last, but not least, I’m all about respecting one another, in a loving way.

Welcome to my little online world, and I hope you enjoy my recipes, write-ups and more!