Written fear


I’ve written you a verse
One not for you to hear
Cause if you’d ever see it
My humble heart would fear

I might lose you
In the sentences of pride
That I’ve once written by day
Or cried out during night

I’ve kept these feelings
Locked inside
But now you’re so near them
Is there any place left to hide?

There’s always fear of rejection
Or an ignorant smile
While it is written in your eyes
You can no longer face this trial

Until that day, don’t read my notes
Don’t read one sentence, not one hope
Or all is lost and you will see
How much more desperately I long you to be with me.

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About Author

Hi there and welcome to my little online world! I'm Danielle, 27 years old and living in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Most of the time, you'll either find me behind the laptop writing for my own company DanceWrite.nl, or doing my magic in the kitchen. You see, I've got this thing for food, writing, music and poetry. To me, it's all about the love and passion. Oh, and did I mention food & writing yet? :)

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